How can you find the source of your pain?

The pain a person first feels is actually a symptom of a greater problem, and a full solution uses the concept of trigger points.

A favourite reference guide for finding the source of trigger points that I use and recommend is It is an excellent online reference published by MyoRehab. It gives lots of information with pain patterns and more, taken from my favourite text book, all condensed down into an easy to use page. 

Introducing the pain map
How to use the pain map

The X's are the trigger points, or better known as the treatment area. The trigger points are small tender areas. It's easy to imagine them as a knot though they are tightly contracted muscles that are often an area with poor blood supply and they can often cause pain in the nearby joints.

Treatment is given by health professional, however any person can also take small measures to help themselves. Like using gentle massage and a heat pack. For most people just understanding a little more is enough to reduce their concerns.

Why its important to know

Heel pain, for example, as I've shown below has at least three different sources. These are typical of plantar fasciitis. It's a common condition, although treatment is often focused at just one symptom and not at the whole problem, hence it takes longer to treat. This highlights the importance of knowing where your pain is coming from!  

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