Podiatry - more than just feet

It’s well known amongst my patients, my family and my friends that I'm passionate about my job. Podiatry though, I feel, is undervalued.

The years of study and training were tough, but the best learning came after I’d earned my qualifications. I learnt so much from my peers and my patients but my love of the profession was properly ignited when I discovered that podiatry was far more than we were ever taught - that we really could make a difference in people's lives, and that we could be the true lower limb specialists.

I was asked recently if I might consider talking to school children with regards to career possibilities in podiatry. It’s certainly food for thought. I wish people wouldn't recoil when they hear what I do - I love my job, the people I meet and, best of all, seeing the relief on patients faces when I’ve done a good job.

I have a new understanding of pain and of how to relieve it. There are wonderful people out there that continue to teach great new methods and inspire us to always seek out the best for out patients. I would like to know that others might feel passion for the job and see podiatry is more than just feet!

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