Exciting treatment results

When treating a person, anything that gives immediate pain relief or results in a visible difference is very exciting and this happens a lot with needling, below is about one such reaction from treatment that gave great cause for excitement.

As much as I like general podiatry, I love providing therapy - the call out today was for podiatry initially but it became so much more. My patient was a man in his late 50’s who has a high possibility of type 2 diabetes (he is soon to be tested) and reported pins and needles (neuropathy) in his feet. Also he had one lower leg that was quite poor in colour - it was purple and colder than the other.

I discussed with him how acupuncture might improve both the neuropathy and his circulation and he was happy to try it. While the response for the neuropathy treatment can sometimes take up to an hour, a very short treatment visibly improved his circulation within minutes and, before I left him, his discoloured foot had returned to a healthy, normal, pink colour. It was truly amazing!

Needless to say the patient was extremely happy with the results and I’ll be seeing more of him this week to follow up the treatment.

From this experience I’ve learnt that I must take more ‘before and after’ photos - so I promise to take some next time for you.

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