No more needles!

Have you ever put off having treatment because it involved needles? I recently had a young patient who had been.

She’d had some needling before, which had already worked very well, and she just needed treatment on two other spots in order to remove the last of the pain. However, although she had family members encouraging her to have more needling, reminding her it didn't hurt, she was adamant that she didn’t want any more needles!

I generally use a combination of different treatments to relieve pains like plantar fasciitis, so I was happy to go in a different direction for this young girl.

I decided to move to a favourite method of mine, which is called Jones Therapy. I usually use this on knees and hips for giving instant pain relief when certain tender points are present.

I’m pretty sure that Jones Therapy, otherwise known as ‘Strain - Counterstrain’, is underused in this country as surprisingly few podiatrists have heard of it. It’s well known in my native Australia, predominantly used by osteopaths. It requires hands on manual therapy and involves the patient being placed in a relaxed body positioning and then holding that position for a certain length of time. Jones Therapy eases the tissue or offending structure and, the best part, it gives almost immediate pain relief so there is no waiting around - the patient feels pain relief quickly.

So what of my young patient? Needless to say she is doing very well now after a couple of treatments of Jones Therapy - I left the patient feeling like I really do have magic in my hands!

We all have skills that we are good at but often underuse - seeing the relief I could provide for this patient brought me pride and happiness in what I do. I do love my job!

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